Monday, January 17, 2011

What is that yellow stuff?

Could it be...the sun!  Wow, it felt like spring today around here.  (Well, I guess I should amend that to "It felt like spring around here from about noon to about 2:30")  As promised, I took the boys outside to assemble their new soccer net today at the very first glimpse of sunshine.  I am pretty sure it would have been a great two-man job...unfortunately Hubby had gone into work today (something he seems to love doing on his days off) so I was out there trying to grow an extra set of arms.  I did manage to get the net assembled though, so that was a big triumph for me!

The boys had a great time scoring some goals, then they made up a cone-kicking-goalie game, then that turned into a throw-cones-into-the-net game which digressed into a throw-cones-into-the-net-with-your-head game, which turned into wear-a-cone-like-a-hat game which turned into playing kings and castles and then soccer was forgotten entirely. Ha Ha.

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