Saturday, January 15, 2011

Soccer and a rainy day party

Another Saturday morning soccer practice under our belts.  This has proven to be an enormous challenge for me.  All three boys have to be up, fed, dressed and buckled into their carseats, I have to be showered and presentable and I have to remember to pack the diaper bag, fill the boys water bottles and load up the stroller so we can be pulling out of our garage by 8:30am.  This is next to impossible for me lol  Luckily, we have somehow made it to practice every Saturday.

 Today we had the added bonus of an afternoon birthday party.  The boys had a blast and it was a great way to burn off some of that rainy day energy.  The party was just lovely with a fantastic spread of yummy home-made goodies and an unending supply of balloons. On the drive home the boys actually said they were sleepy!  I tried to push for an afternoon nap, but unfortunately the quiet ride home seemed to rejuvenate them and they hit the floor running!

It was easy to pick out the highlight of Little-Bug's day...he had the opportunity to play with a super-sweet elderly Labrador!  The moment he made eye contact he started to holler "HEh-YO! HEh-YO!!" and was squirming to be let down.  He followed that dog around all afternoon and she was so sweet with him!  She let Little-Bug pet her back and the top of her head, she sniffed his face, but she never licked and was very cautious not to bump into him...a world class pooch!

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