Saturday, January 22, 2011

A little polite dinner conversation

*Whew*  I didn't know if I was going to make it through dinner tonight.  The boys were on a roll!  I don't think there was a single moment during dinner when there weren't at least two people talking....that is, until the moment Big-Bug became very quiet and sort of stared off across the room.  Suddenly he looked at me with a VERY serious expression and said

Mom, you're not going to like to hear this....I'm having a pretty violent dream.  It's about a big guy fighting some police and shooting at their ship and blowing it up.  You know how I turn it off? I poke my cheek, then the dream gets all bumpy and turns off.  My NEW dream is about sledding in the snow and the sled flipping over and landing back in the snow *HAHAHA* It's actually a snow sled RACE with Mario and the first person who gets to the bottom is the winner.  And the hill is SO big, it takes 28 hours! *Hysterical laughter* That's the funniest dream I've ever had! Now I'm having a dream of a gingerbread song! 

So I say, "Sing it for me!" and Big-Bug stops laughing, the smile is instantly wiped from his face, he looks at me with an extremely serious expression and says

No Mom, I don't copy dreams.  I NEVER copy dreams.  


micayla said...

wtf? haha! if only dinnertime conversation in our house was that sequential

Dawn said...

haha, that kid cracks me up...he reminds me of this little girl I used to babysit...well she's actually my niece...

Bonnie said...

lol this is TOO funny:) love Ian (well all three of them actually) :) Miss you guys!

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