Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pizza parties and recycling

Last week Big-Bug's preschool class had a field trip to the downtown library.  The library staff put on a private story time for the children, all about reusing and recycling and then the kids watched a short video clip called "Curious George Goes Green."  While I like the message behind the movie....the title makes me cringe!

After the story time, the kids got to have about half an hour of private access to the library's "discovery room."  This room is pretty cool because the staff changes the theme about once a month or so and it is always full of great hands-on learning activities for the children.  This month's theme is recycling (surprise!) and it's very well done.  There is was area where the children can sort compost "waste" from plastic recyclables, a station where the kids were able to "build" a worm bin, a great demonstration table with solar lights and wind energy (utilizing flashlights and hair dryers) and there was even a plastic play tent that had been constructed from layers of plastic shopping bags that had been ironed together!  Pretty cool.

Big-Bug was a little concerned about the recycling room because he thought we were going to ACTUALLY recycle!  Ha ha.  He kept saying "I don't know if I know how to recycle mom, I think it's pretty hard."  Eventually he explained that he thought we were going to be shredding plastic and melting it down to make new things! Silly boy.

After the field trip, both of the older boys were running around our house, looking for the recycle symbol on various items.  "Look mom, your little dipper crock pot lid is recyclable!"  "Look mom, this toy is recyclable!"  I'm glad they are enthusiastic....I just hope I don't find my crock pot out on the curb ;-)

Today was another busy birthday party day around here!  We celebrated the birthday of one of the boys very close friends at a local pizza parlor (coincidentally the same one Big-Bug wants to use for his upcoming birthday celebration.)  Our group wasn't the only one with this idea today, the place was PACKED with birthday parties! I was impressed with how quickly the staff had the pizza orders ready, and the place is just perfect for a noise group of kids (and adults lol)  I had promised the boys they could play arcade games and we spent last night hunting for quarters around the house.  Hubby and I were remembering the games costing $0.75 a piece, so I headed to the party today loaded down with coins.  When we got there we found most of the games were only $0.25!! So the kids were in arcade game heaven!

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That's so cool! I hope our libraries have stuff like that when we have kids :)

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