Friday, November 16, 2007

Walmart, my arch nemesis...

First I checked the web page for the Salem said "in stock"

Then I called the store and (after being transferred to the wrong department THREE times) spoke with a baby department associate who put me on hold while she checked the warehouse and returned to say "we have one on the floor and five in the warehouse"

So Hubby goes to pick up two cribs...and guess what...they only have one.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Starbucks, Chocolate Cake and Harry Potter

Four years ago an average weekday night consisted of a house party, a spontaneous trip across the Canadian border, an evening of dancing, a midnight hike to the watch tower to view the sunrise or an all night gossip fest and movie marathon. Life was chaotic, adventurous and ever-moving. In fact, the very idea of a night at home, alone on the couch was horrifying! Who would have guessed that four years down the road I would be sitting here alone, stuffing my face with a fabulous slice of double chocolate cake, sipping a soy Chai latte, watching Harry Potter and thinking to myself "ah, this is the best night I have had in weeks!" And it's true, I would rather spend an evening in my pajamas, lying on my couch, listening to silence than out at some dance club. To top it off, my spit-up scented top and a leg that (I kid you not) was recently peed on, isn't even driving me to the shower :)