Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Starbucks, Chocolate Cake and Harry Potter

Four years ago an average weekday night consisted of a house party, a spontaneous trip across the Canadian border, an evening of dancing, a midnight hike to the watch tower to view the sunrise or an all night gossip fest and movie marathon. Life was chaotic, adventurous and ever-moving. In fact, the very idea of a night at home, alone on the couch was horrifying! Who would have guessed that four years down the road I would be sitting here alone, stuffing my face with a fabulous slice of double chocolate cake, sipping a soy Chai latte, watching Harry Potter and thinking to myself "ah, this is the best night I have had in weeks!" And it's true, I would rather spend an evening in my pajamas, lying on my couch, listening to silence than out at some dance club. To top it off, my spit-up scented top and a leg that (I kid you not) was recently peed on, isn't even driving me to the shower :)

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Nidaba said...

LOL! My favorite part of this post is the last line. You are awesome my friend. :-)

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