Thursday, January 13, 2011


Big-Bug has show and tell at school today and he is so excited. He picked out this robot police action figure with a helicopter as a special treat after his dentist appointment last week (he was SUCH a champ!  super helpful and pleasant to the staff there, I had been really nervous! lol)  and he is bringing that in for show and tell today.  He keeps asking me to put it in his backpack for him, he can't wait to leave and he still has two more hours to wait! lol

Tonight is mom's night out with some of the playgroup moms.  I am REALLY looking forward to getting out, this has been one of those weeks for whatever reason.  Just exhausting!  Maybe it's the start of the new school term (my last ever!) or maybe it was the irritation of having to replace our water heater...who knows.  All I do know is 7pm can't come fast enough!  Coffee and girl talk awaits!!

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