Sunday, January 9, 2011

Party Party Party!

Wow, we are riding the birthday party roller-coaster this month!  We started off with a bang this weekend, with back to back birthday parties and will finish out the month with two more kid parties and one "adult" party for a grand total of SIX birthday honorees in January!  What can I say, I guess we are naturally drawn to those Capricorns and Aquariuses ha ha!

Yesterday's party was a real blast.  The venue was fantastic, a super sized tube structure with wave slides and rope bridges, a real kid paradise!  There was also a great padded floor area with little climbers and club houses for the super little guys to enjoy.  Little-Bug was really having a good time, but he couldn't quite master the small lip of the padded flooring.  He would trip on his way up and trip on his way down, but he just wouldn't stop walking back and forth (crazy guy.)

The drive to the party was long, but beautiful.  It took us about an hour to get there and we we passed through some amazing farm land with huge open fields. We saw old wooden railroad bridges, really unique riparian areas and a few ponds loaded with ducks and Dusky Canada Geese.  The sky was full of dark, ominous clouds that were very dramatic against the wide open landscape!

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