Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Aside from the fact that my kids are able to socialize with their peers and explore new concepts, ideas and environments, maybe the greatest part of my mother's group is moms' nights out! It seems to happen just about once a week on our calendar, a game night, dessert, coffee, the movies and tonight...sushi! But this wasn't just any regular sushi night, this was a "roll your own" sushi night! One of the awesome moms from our group invited us to her home where she and her husband gave us a crash course on home made sushi.  She had an amazing spread of ingredients ranging from tempura shrimp, flake tuna, and smoked salmon to eel, sashimi and crab.  The icing on the cake? Her kind husband served as our personal sushi chef!  Giving us the step-by-step instructions, he assembled roll after roll of sushi, then plated it up complete with garnishes and served us! After a fabulous meal of incredibly fresh sushi, we were treated to a bowl of plump strawberries and left to enjoy our "girl-time." I am now convinced that every moms' night out should involve a husband chef and waiter combo ;-) 

beautifully arranged sushi

every fixin' you could possibly ask for!


BonnieRose said...

That is SUCH a good idea!!!! I've been meaning to try my hand at sushi... It's just so much easier to go out for it! lol

Mama-Bug said...

I was really surprised by how easy it was! Granted they have done this a few times before so they have worked the kinks out, but really it was a super fast process!

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