Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick Fix Valentines

Big-Bug is going to his first-ever school valentine's day party this afternoon.  All the kids in his preschool class made "mailboxes" out of shoe boxes last week and today they are gathering to eat goodies, make crafts and distribute their first valentine's day cards.  Big-Bug picked out some pretty awesome Toy Story 3 valentines that come with themed pencils.  He then spent hours carefully writing out each of his classmate's names on the cards and signing his own name along the bottom.  It was great writing practice!

I have the valentines all bagged up, the shoebox ready to go, his outfit laid out, yep - we're all set!  Or are we?  It suddenly occurred to me this morning that Big-Bug does not have valentine cards for his teacher and the two classroom aids!  Luckily, I just read a really cool blog post by my friend Peggy about homemade Valentine's Day Yarn Hearts! This seemed like a great craft the boys could whip together this morning before school.  Since we only needed three valentines, Big-Bug was able to stick them together in no time and I popped them into the oven to speed-dry.  To finish them off we just attached a ribbon hanger to each one with a little hot glue and added a gift tag.  Simple, easy and fast! Thanks Peggy :)

Now we're in business! :)

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