Friday, February 11, 2011

Cool Tee's

Today I read about a really great line of children's clothing called Barley & Birch.  Apparently the company was started by a 26 year old law student who gained some spooky insight into the children's clothing industry.  Through some volunteer service work over seas and some domestic internships, she saw that many of the so-called "organic" children's clothing is not even close to environmentally friendly or healthy. Many of the lines use organic cloth, which they ship overseas for manufacturing, then the clothes are dyed with dyes containing toxins and metals, then shipped back to the US and marketed as "green" and "healthy."

This woman decided to open her own clothing line in an attempt to provide a product that is truly good for the environment and good for our health.  The company Barley & Birch is located in North Carolina and all the cotton for the clothing is grown in the state, all the manufacturing takes place in the state and the designing and dying of the shirts also takes place in the state.  The clothing is made from real, organic cotton and all the dyes are natural and water-based.

Aside from producing an awesome domestic product that is good for the environment and good for our children, Barley & Birch is also carbon neutral, and they donate 15% of their profits to charity!

This oak tree tee is definitely my fav :)

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