Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Making the most of it

From time to time throughout my degree program, I have had a professor who requires proctored exams.  I think most professors of online classes have a concern that their students may try to cheat if they are offered an open-access online exam (after-all, for all they know the student has the textbook wide open, or is asking their friends to chime in on the answers.)  I have found professors take one of three approaches to combat this problem.  1- They drop exams altogether and go with term papers instead, 2- They put an extremely short time limit on the exams to make it impossible to finish unless you can whip through all the answers, 3- They require a proctor. Having three children and a husband who works during the days, I GREATLY prefer professors who go with option 1 or 2.  Proctored exams requires me to find a sitter for the boys and drive an hour (each way) down to the campus where I check into a testing room and take my exam.  If I could easily accommodate trips to the campus, I probably wouldn't be in online classes!! Well, this term I have one class that is requiring proctors and not just a few...there are FIVE proctored exams within a ten week period. Four of these five exams are actually "quizzes,"  which I have found other professors don't normally bother to proctor.  My first trip down to campus this term I spent an hour driving south-west, then I spent another 20 minutes circling campus looking for a parking space, next I trekked all around looking for the building I needed, only to realize I had left my ID card in the car, so I had to go back and start my walk again! When I finally made it to the testing room, I checked in, got settled into a computer station, opened my exam and.....there were two questions.  Two.  I was finished in 8 minutes and walking back to the car.  So all told, I spent 2 1/2 hours of my day taking a 2 question quiz.  *sigh*  Since I now know what to expect, I have been dreading the remaining three quiz trips.

Yesterday was quiz number 2 (and also Hubby's day off)  so I decided we would try to make the most of it.  Hubby and the boys drove to Corvallis with me and dropped me off in the center of campus (eliminating the parking problem AND allowing me to review my notes one last time on the drive down)  I walked straight to the testing center, took my quiz (2 questions, and took me 4 minutes!) Then they picked me back up and we headed out to do a little sight seeing.  A good friend of mine had recently mentioned a cool toy store in Corvallis, so I had contacted her for the name and address.  We went to check it out and I will admit, it was VERY cool!  I think we spent an hour walking around, inspecting each toy.  Big-Bug's favorite find was a game called "Castle Keep," Middle-Bug was infatuated by a Curious George "Jack-in-the-box," Little-Bug fell in love with a little animal shaped bouncer and Hubby was most impressed by a giant spinning top! haha  The boys each got to pick out a para-trooper to take home with them, and I must say it is the best $1 I ever spent! They have been playing with those guys non-stop and even took them to bed last night.

After the toy tour we stopped off at a pizza place called Woodstocks that another good friend of mine had recommended.  This place makes some fantastic pizza!  The boys had to order their favorite (pepperoni) so Hubby and I were free to order our own pizza without worrying about kid-friendly toppings :) We tried their "Spicy Beav" and it was delicious!  Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and olives with spicy Italian seasonings, I would definitely order it again.  Naturally we ordered some of their garlic bread sticks as well, yummy!  I am hoping I will be able to schedule the rest of my tests on days Hubby is off work so we can do a little more exploring and make the drive feel more worth-while :)

So, what is your favorite place to visit in Corvallis?

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