Monday, May 2, 2011

Five Reasons This Weekend Rocked!

#1 - The weed filled cracks in our front driveway are no more.  Not only have all the weeds been pulled and disposed of, but the cracks have been patched as well! (nice work honey!)

#2 - The spot of adhesive left-over from the sticker that came on our bathtub that has been collecting fuzz and dust for almost two years has FINALLY been scrubbed off.  Why it took me two years to buy some rubbing alcohol, I will never understand.

Now you see it...
Now you don't.
#3 - Our master bedroom (that was originally the Bugs' bedroom) finally looks like a "grown up" room again!  Thanks to a little blue paint, the cat and the fiddle and the cow jumping over the moon no longer decorate our bedroom walls.

"Hey diddle diddle.."

yes, that is a dream catcher.  Don't laugh, it works!

#4 - The new patio bench Hubby brought home yesterday and the cozy fire we cuddled by after we tucked the kids into bed! ;-)

#5 - Awesome BBQ for dinner!

Whiskey river burgers, fresh pineapple, stuffed portabella caps, macaroni salad and chips with guacamole!


molly said...

Really brightened up your bedroom! Looks wonderful!

Mama-Bug said...

Thanks Molly! In "real life" it is a tiny bit bluer than it looks in the photo. I had a hard time getting the lighting right for the picture. It either came out too dark (and looked dark gray) or slightly washed out my the flash :) Oh well!

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