Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finished Ranting...for now ;-)

So, after last nights food-rant, I decided I had better come back on here and share my weekly dinner plan.  Yes, I did manage to come up with some meal ideas that are made of actual food, so it's looking like the world isn't quite as dim a place as it seemed last night ;-)

This week we are going to be having a little more meat than usual because our local grocery store is having a good sale on local, whole fryer chickens.  (and I forgot to add in last nights rant that I am also trying to stick to a grocery budget!!)  So for dinners this week we are going to be having:

Crockpot roasted chicken with steamed broccoli and carrots and mashed potatoes
Chicken (left over) black bean and sweet potato soft tacos
Black bean corn cakes with guacamole
Oven baked chicken with sweet potato fries and green beans
Curried lentils with garlic naan and roasted squash
Chicken (left over) pizza with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and baby spinach
Black bean and tomato stuffed baked sweet potatoes

I'm also planning to try a new cookie recipe this week.  It is made using bashed bananas and oats for the foundation and then sweetened with chopped dried fruits and nuts.  Sounds absolutely delicious! I'm going to make them tomorrow night so I have a batch ready for my fabulous friend and her kiddos when they come over to babysit on Thursday afternoon while I am at a job interview.

After five years of being "just mommy" I am officially re-entering the workforce (or trying to anyway.)  Now that I have finished my degree, it is time for me to find a small, part-time job and start paying off my student loan!  Luckily, hubby writes his own schedule, so we will be able to work around each others schedules and avoid daycare for the bugs.  I would ideally like to find part time work in my degree field, but it is unfortunately really hard to come by.  Instead I am going to settle into something that will just be an enjoyable place to take off my "mom" hat for a while and enjoy interacting with other adults :)  I have two interviews this week, which is really exciting!  I will admit, I am a little nervous since I haven't interviewed for a job in so long - but luckily hubby interviews people all the time! So he can help me brush up on my rusty interview skills ;-)

Once the bugs are all in elementary school full time, then I will be looking for an actual career in my degree field.  I am hoping keeping up my volunteer work between now and then will help me stay relevant! Wish me luck!

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