Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well, we made it!  Hubby and I managed to successfully cart the Bugs up to Washington, attend mass on Easter Sunday as well as two separate Easter parties and cart the Bugs back down to Oregon in about a 36 hour window. It was busy, but a lot of fun and we were able to see so much of the family!!  This year was a special treat for two reasons; one - my Aunt and Uncle from Texas were up for a spring break visit and were able to join us at Easter party number one.  Two - Hubby's Grandad is over on a visit from Scotland and he was able to join us (along with Hubby's parents) at Easter party number two!  The kids were able to visit with all eight of their grandparents on the same day, such a rare treat!

And speaking of treats....the Easter bunny(s) were extremely generous this year! On top of the Easter baskets of cake pops, chocolate peanut butter eggs, apple spice cookies, fresh berries and carousel tickets the Bugs received bendable bunny figurines, glitter stickers, a peter rabbit book, cute carrots stuffed with reeces pieces, chocolate bugs, an Easter sticker book, crayons shaped like rocks and authentic cadbury button eggs that came all the way from the UK. Wow!

Of course we had a ton of delicious food at the parties as well! My aunt made a wonderful crustless quiche that she served with ham, french toast, muffins and a yummy fruit salad with mangoes, strawberries and kiwi.  At the second party we potlucked and there were so many tasty things! Two types of ham, garlic potatoes, deviled eggs, pistachio salad, trifle, pasta, a pea salad, home made creamed corn, hot crossed buns, and much more!  My mom made a cute bunny cake for the kids to enjoy and I made some marinated mushrooms and tried really hard not to eat them all myself! haha (I do love the mushrooms!)

Now we are trying to settle back in and catch up on the house work that always seems to pile up when we are planning a trip out of town (even for only one night!)  We are looking forward to a busy month ahead full of many more exciting times!

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