Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lemonade...that made itself!

As I mentioned earlier, Hubby has been working the closing shift while he looks for a new employee for one of his stores.  I have been trying to make the best of the long LONG days this creates for me and the boys!  It's amazing how that small but crucial 2 hour difference really upsets the flow of our days around here!

Well today, I didn't even need to work to turn my lemons into lemonade, they did the transformation all on their own!  This morning was our playgroup's annual pre-Easter Easter egg hunt and since Hubby is closing tonight, he was able to join us at the park!  The Bugs were SO excited to bring their daddy along, the joy of bringing Daddy to playgroup might even have overshadowed the joy of egg hunting :)  To top it off, the weather was beautiful and we were able to spend a fun morning together in the park, coffee mugs in hand, watching the Bugs scurry around with their friends as they gathered eggs.

When the hunting had ended, Big-Bug suggested taking Daddy to his new favorite restaurant - Sweet Papaya.  This is a relatively new establishment in the north side of town that serves frozen yogurt.  What is unique about this frozen yogurt bar (at least it's unique in our area!) is it is self-serve and there are an overwhelming number of flavors to choose from as well as an enormous topping bar!  When you are finished customizing your creation, you weigh your cup and pay by the pound (well, ounce really.) We had the whole place to ourselves this morning and created some delicious, sickeningly sweet goodies!  Big-Bug tried the chocolate frozen yogurt with a variety of chocolate chips, m&m's, gummy bears and reeces pieces on top.  Middle-Bug had strawberry frozen yogurt with blackberries, raspberries, gummy bears and chocolates, Baby-Bug had vanilla frozen-yogurt with black berries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and mango on top, I tried the white chocolate macadamia nut frozen yogurt with a variety of berries and mango on top (and I will admit - some english toffee bits!) and Hubby tried a mint vanilla frozen yogurt swirl with strawberries and walnuts on top.  It was all so delicious!!

By the time we made it home, the bread machine was just finishing and it was time for lunch.  The Bugs all sat down to eat while hubby got ready for work and then he was on his way. True - he won't be home tonight to join us for dinner or read bedtime stories.  But if he had opened this morning we would have missed out on a wonderful time at the Easter egg hunt and a great family outing to Sweet Papaya! I'll take that trade any day!

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