Thursday, March 31, 2011

Strange Wednesday Night

So last night I got the Bugs tucked into their beds, Hubby was home from work and happily playing around on his computer game and I found myself restless with nothing to do!  Hubby and I have been without television for six years now and while I generally like the way the absence of TV impacts our life, there are times it would definitely come in handy.  Without any accessible distractions, I paced the house for a while, irritated Hubby for a while, looked for things to clean and finally decided to go drop some mail at the post office (even though it wouldn't be picked up until the following morning.)  While I was out I decided to stop off for dry goods, since I noticed I was running low on bread flour when I had made our bread that morning.  I took my time at the store, slowly strolling up and down every aisle, examining new products, reading every magazine title, the new best seller book titles, etc.  Eventually I bought a magazine and a book I have been wanting to read and decided I had been in the grocery store so long I had long since crossed into "pathetic" territory.

On the drive home, I decided to swing through Arby's because I had been thinking about a turkey bacon sandwich for days (weird, I know.)  When I pulled up to the drive through, I had a most interesting experience.  It went something like this - "Welcome to Arby's would you like to try one of our (insert current promotional item here)"  "no thanks" "okay, order when you are ready"  I order. "Would you like to large-size that?" "no thanks" "would you like to add a (insert current dessert promotion here) to that for only a dollar?" "no thanks."  Seriously, I think this might have been the most up-selling attempts I have ever endured in the drive through line placing one single order.  As I pulled my car around to the window I felt a mixture of total irritation and admiration for the employees obvious commitment to her training.  When I made it to the window, I noticed the employee was a fairly young girl.  She instantly started to chit-chat with me about my menu selection, telling me "you picked a great sandwich, it's my boyfriend's FAVORITE."  Then she asked me to park my car and wait, apparently they were making new curly fries.  A few minutes later, another employee brought my order to the window.  As she handed me the bag, I noticed she couldn't be more than 16 years old.  She was very professional and friendly, telling me to enjoy my night in her little baby voice as she went back inside.  As I pulled away I found myself saying "what a little cutie" and then I just burst out laughing.  When did fast-food employees become babies?!  Have I really become old enough to see these ladies as girls?  Surely not!  But then I realized I am in fact a decade older than the girls who just handled my order.  I alternated laughing out loud and shaking my head (and munching on curly fries) the whole way home.

As I pulled onto my street however, I noticed the green glow of an animal's eye-shine in the middle of the road ahead of me.  I slowed to a crawl and as I approached I could see whatever it was was fairly good-sized.  The wrong body shape for a dog, but much to large to be a cat.  I was thinking perhaps it could be a large raccoon when suddenly a second pair of eyes turned toward my car. It then became quite obvious that it was not one, but TWO cats out taking care of business in the middle of the street.  I continued to inch my car closer to them, expecting them to move out of the road, but feeling a little guilty about interrupting.  But would you believe, those darned cats wouldn't move out of the way! And with the neighbors' cars lining both sides of the street, I couldn't squeeze by. I ended up having to wait a few minutes for the cats to finish up and move along before I could drive passed and turn into my driveway.  It is undoubtedly, spring.

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BonnieRose said...

Love it! I've noticed myself realizing how much older we are than people too lol. It's a bit insane!i just attended the wedding of a girl I had in youth group when I worked with the jr high students and then (craziest ever) we were at a bar on Tyson's birthday when a young girl, probably JUST 21, asked me of my name was Bonnie. When I said yes she said, I think you january my boyfriend!" I turned to see this kid and didn't recognize him or his name. He told me that Lacie & I babysit himwhen he was a kid. I quizzed him to try and rememberbut couldn't lol. I chalked it up to the fact that Lacie was really the babysitter and I was just there to "help". I told him out was nice to merry him and went back to our party. Third it's when I realized he had to be 21 in order to be standing on the bar drinking that beer lol.... REALLY? We're going to be 27 this year? Man, we're old huh?

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