Sunday, March 13, 2011

Backyard Pirate ship update #2

All accessories have been successfully installed! :)  The boys requested a plank, so I constructed one using concrete stepping stones, I will have to get an updated picture of that as well.  We are still on the hunt for a great ship-bell to hang from the tree, I am surprised at how difficult that task is proving to be!

Now that the ship is complete, hubby and I are starting to dream up ways to expand it! Go figure :)  Our first challenge is to construct an actual crows nest around the "tree-masts" that would be a few steps up off the ground.  We're not expert builders, so we are trying to figure out how to create the curved rail we would need for the upper railing....thank goodness for internet how-tos!  Wish us luck :)

You can see more on the pirate ship here and here

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