Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Time is Here

Wow, where did the year go? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sitting under a warm blanket at 4am, cradling my sweet Little-Bug and watching his wide eyes stare in wonder at the twinkling Christmas tree lights. I always wonder if he will have a special fondness in his heart for holiday lights as he grows older since they were the first piece of the world that really made an impression on him.

This Christmas was the second time in our small family's history that we have spent the holiday on our own. My parents were hosting the annual Christmas Eve dinner with my dad's side of the family this year, so they weren't able to drive down to spend Christmas day at our house and Hubby's parents were leaving for Puerto Rico the day after Christmas, so they needed to stay home this year as well. We made the most of our solo-holiday by staying in our pajamas for the entire day. Santa brought the boys a batcave, space shuttle and a musical activity table which entertained the boys for hours. They were so popular in fact that no one even thought to eat any candy from the stockings until late afternoon (yes!) Hubby picked up on my not-so-subtle hints and gifted me a new speaker dock for the itouch he gave me two years back on my birthday. I am loving it (and I'm sure he is slightly remorseful now that he is being subjected to my song picks 24/7)

I was really excited this Christmas to give Hubby exactly what he has been wanting...an android internet tablet! I was pretty sure something this fantastic would be out of the price-range this year, but I lucked out and found one on amazon's blackfriday sale for HALF-off! (making it's price tag only nauseating instead of full-on vomit inducing) I snatched it up right away and even managed to find a great carrying case for it at best buy. Yes, I had secured the perfect gift for Hubby. The excitement did not last long however, because it has proven to be the poster child for unmercifully irritating technology. First, before Hubby could even connect to the app store to download some android features, he had to download and install a software update (?!) which required a stable wi-fi connection (thank you useless cricket wireless router) For two days Hubby attempted this download again, and again....and again. Each time the wi-fi connection faltered mid-download, starting the processes all over again. Yes, this year for Christmas I gave my husband a giant, technological headache! (Your welcome honey!!!)

The day after Christmas we were treated to a visit from my parents. They came bearing gifts and the boys were most excited to see them, waiting at the window for Grandma and Grandpa's car to come into view. My parents brought the boys a new soccer net (a real one!) and the boys are very anxious to get outside and try it out. I am trying to convince them we should wait for the rain to stop...then again, this is Oregon and that may never happen :)

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