Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deja Vu!

We have another injury in the house.  About a week ago, my husband and I took the boys to play at the beach and roast hot dogs over a bonfire.  It was a fun evening and toward the end of the visit Middle-Bug was really having fun running to the waters edge and then racing away from the waves as they crept towards his toes.  He was laughing his head off and screaming and we were all having a good time watching him.  Unfortunately he lost his footing on the retreat and fell into a driftwood log wrist-first. He cried pretty hard and we spent a while checking his wrist, asking him to wiggle his fingers, rotate his hand, etc.  In the end, it seemed like everything was fine.  He stopped crying, he had full range of motion, his hand wasn't puffy, his circulation was good, there wasn't even a bruise or a scrape.  By the time we were heading back home, Middle-Bug had totally forgotten his hand.

A few days ago Middle-Bug was playing with his brothers and he bumped his arm again and said "ouch! my owie arm!!"  This raised a little red flag for us because there was no way his arm should have still been hurting that many days later.  But, when we pressed on his arm and asked him him a few more questions Middle-Bug said it didn't hurt at all.  We decided it was possible that he just smacked the same arm and it was just a coincidence. 

Yesterday I took the boys to meet a friend of theirs at the McDonald's playground. Middle-Bug was up in the tubes sitting at the top of a slide when another child squeezed passed him and shoved his arm against the side of the tube.  He started to wail and was so upset he had to come sit with me for quite a while before he calmed down.  He was pointing to the SAME spot on his arm and telling me it hurt.  So when I loaded the kids back up into the car I called their pediatrician on my cell and they were able to get us right in (The boys have the most wonderful pediatrician!) They examined Middle-Bug's arm and couldn't feel any noticeable breaks, but he was tender in areas that made them nervous.

So...this morning I took Middle-Bug for a wrist x-ray where they determined he has a green-stick fracture in his right radius very close to the wrist.  After the radiologist, we headed back to the pediatrician's office where they set him up with a splint and called in a referral to an orthopedic specialist.  Now I am just waiting for a call from their office so we can set up an appointment for Middle-Bug to get a cast.  He was a really good patient today, he has some reservations about the x-ray, but he ended up doing very well and was cooperative and pleasant the whole time. He got to pick a treat on the drive home and opted for a cake pop and 'nilla steamer from starbucks :) I feel bad that we let him walk around so long with a fractured arm before we took him in! Ironically he was actually IN the dr's office with a broken arm while Baby-Bug had a check-up!

Oddly enough, this same thing happened to me when I was about 5.  I tripped on my blanket while I was running down the hall and fractured my arm, but it was such a small break it took my parents a while to realize it was actually broken! Deja-vu!

This will definitely make our beach trip this weekend a lot more interesting.....

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Poor baby :( Auntie Bonnie loves you :)

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