Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The sometimes surprising kindness of strangers

This morning the boys and I went to the park with our playgroup for a little play time and some fun with sidewalk chalk.  The older boys had a great time running around playing "star wars"  (what else!) with their buddies and Baby-Bug enjoyed throwing the chalk in the garbage can one piece at a time ;-)

Towards the end of our play date a group of late-teens/early-twenties guys on skateboards stopped near the playground to use the water fountain.  Baby-Bug was instantly locked onto the skateboards and hopped off the see-saw to get a closer look.  As he approached the group, the guys started talking to him and he babbled excitedly and pointed to their skateboards.  One of the guys handed his skateboard to Baby-Bug and Baby-Bug happily bounced up and down while he held it.  I was standing near by getting a kick out of the whole exchange when all of a sudden the young man said to Baby-Bug "You like that? It's yours!" and the three of them turned and walked away! So, Baby-Bug proudly toted home a skateboard that is bigger than he is and I remain amazed at the sometimes surprising kindness of strangers.  I have found the greatest acts of kindness have often come from the most unexpected places.

*and now I will be off to buy a helmet ;-)

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molly. said...

awww.. so sweet!! And so unexpected! Love that story.

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